Workshops for the Common Threads Wearable Art show

Extravagant! Provocative! Revolutionary!  Just some of the words used to describe the extraordinary City of Mandurah’s Common Threads Wearable Art competition.

Now in its 6th year, Common Threads Wearable Art is one of the standout events in WA’s art calendar and The York Festival will feature a display of finalists from the 2016 show, giving you a chance to get up close and personal to these amazing creations.

And, if you have an itch to create something for the 2017 show, here’s your chance to get started.  The York Festival will be hosting workshops by past finalists Jo Ireland, Julie Smith and Rosy Chalklen who all have an amazing talent for creating exceptional body art, such as Julie Smith’s “Freedom Fighter” pictured above, using the by-products of our everyday life.  Click on the links for details.

For more information on Common Threads Wearable Art, please visit: