Wara Art Launches at The York Festival

The Act-Belong-Commit York Festival has been hosting the Hay Bale Challenge sculpture competition in recent years.  Now we’re taking straw sculptures to new heights – very new heights.

Japanese artist, Akira Moriya, will be travelling down under to oversee construction of three straw sculptures of endangered Australian fauna up to 4 metres high.  Mr Moriya, a veteran of Wara (rice straw) Art, has led the creation of around 20 rice straw sculptures.  While few of us have heard of Wara Art, in Japan it’s been a growing attraction that has spawned Wara Art Festival across Japan, so it is with great excitement that its inclusion in the 2018 York Festival will be the first time Wara Art has been seen outside of Asia.

 Like to get involved?

Over five weeks, Mr Moriya will lead a team of artists and volunteers to create the sculptures in and around the York town site.  You can be part of this exciting project, so if you’re interested in being a volunteer, we’d love to hear from you – email us here.