York is nestled in the Avon Valley, overlooked by Mount Bakewell and Mount Brown and just 100kms east of Perth.

York boasts many attractions, from the breathtaking fields of canola which paint the countryside yellow from around August to mid-October, beautiful wildflowers, to impressive vistas from the Mt Brown lookout and an enviable list of historically significant buildings and sites.

With a long tradition of events and festivals, the town of York welcomes visitors with great local cafes, galleries, museums, restaurants and shopping, and offers a huge variety of accommodation suitable for budget or luxury stays. (Visit Places to Stay for accommodation options).

York is in a temperate climate zone and experiences distinctly dry (and hot) summers and cool, wet winters. Under the Köppen climate classification, York has a Mediterranean climate. Climate data for York has been recorded since 1877, for many years (until 1996) at the York Post Office.

The great weather, lovely local people and array of things to see and do makes York a fantastic place to venture to.

Come and see York!

Ngala Kaaditj Ballardong Noongar moort keyen kaadak nidja boodja – we acknowledge the Balladong Noongar people as the original custodians of this land.


York is the oldest inland town in Western Australia, situated 97 kilometres (60 mi) east of Perth, an easy 1 hour drive east of the Perth CBD, off the Great Southern Highway.

Coordinates (31°53′18″S 116°46′07″E)

Population 3,688 (2011)
Established 1835

Seat of the Shire of York,


Events and Festivals are held in York through most of the year, culminating in The York Festival, a month-long program of arts and performance events from September to October.

Things to See

The Residency Museum, The Town Hall, Old York Courthouse, Peace Park, Sandalwood Yards, Gallery 152, canola fields, wildflowers,


Free parking


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